About Me

A manipulative humiliatrix who will test you again and again..

I am Lady Esme Faye, British brat and all round deviant goddess. You may address me as Lady, Miss, Goddess or, if I am feeling extremely generous, Esme. 

Here you will find links to all my tantalizing, mind numbing clips. You will also be treated to regular updates on my fantastic life as well as updates about what I am doing with (what was once) your cash. 

Take a browse through my blog, and find yourself falling deeper. And when you feel my grip tightening and you're feeling particularly submissive contact me. You have found your purpose maggot, your new life starts today.


Do you have a wishlist? - Short answer is no. Long answer is I may have one in the future but I prefer to receive tributes via any of the forms found here. This way it's not all fancy lingerie especially for you losers. I like to buy things for myself.

How can I please you? - Spend, worship, grovel, repeat. You can start at my clip stores, found here. Then move on to tributing me here. If you're a broke bitch you're probably in the wrong place, but there are certain things you can do for me that don't require you spending, contact me for more info.

Do you do cam/skype/calls? No. Clips are my passion, and what I put all my effort into. I have neither the time, nor the want to have Skype sessions. This may change but for now I am happy and content with my situation.

Real time sessions? - No.

What fetishes do you specialize in or enjoy? - I enjoy many fetishes, but I mostly create clips within the confines of a few fetishes. My favourite fetishes to film are humiliation, forced bi, executrix, erotic hypnosis, forced intox, as well as fetishes focused on certain body parts like ass worship, legs, tit worship etc. I am always honing my skills and trying to one up myself. This means I have begun to delve into other fetishes such as vore (which is quickly becoming one of my favourite fetishes to film), giantess, and clips that require intensive editing skills. Female domination will always be my one true love though, and nearly every clip you find will contain some element of my dominant nature, although some of them can be a lot more sadistic than others..