Mid Month Mantras

Hello pets, this is just a quick update to talk about what has been an incredible month so far.

I am writing this for my own sanity really, I am a writer by trade and it's what I love to do (other than fucked up fetish clips of course) so I imagine you will be seeing me around here a lot more often. Well, it's the fifteenth, so we are halfway through the month and the overwhelming response to my offers has been, well, overwhelming.

I have had multiple losers take me up on my offers, and have had custom request after custom request. It's good to be busy. I now have time for myself as well which is what I cherish, no longer do I have to rush to film then rush to study. I can take my time planning a structure for my clips, pick the perfect outfit and then film at a leisurely pace. This has been helped by the fact I have purchased a ring light.

All you loser piggies paid for my first professional piece of lighting equipment so well done to all you good boys. Now you can go purchase the hot new clips I make with it!

Remember if you haven't taken me up on my offers yet you're fucking dumb, see here for details.

But for now pets I am consistently filming, so custom requests and big clip orders are a must for the rest of this month (and for the future of course). I will also be adding PTV and recorded listings to my Niteflirt profile soon, you can visit that here. They will mostly be erotic hypnosis recordings along with a few other fetish ideas I have in mind.

I also plan to start offering used panties/stockings/socks/shoes in the future which I know all of you losers will be fanatic about. I have had so many requests in the past but have never really gotten around to it. I may open an ebanned account or just sell them to you all directly, I haven't decided yet but keep your eyes open for that.

So pets, what are you waiting for, spend, jerk and get on your knees and worship!

And don't forget your daily mantras for today:

I Worship Esme

I Love Esme

I Worship. I Obey. I Love.

Repeat thirty times then go buy this clip to really drive it home.

See ya losers.