So 2014 has been a good year for me, although I only opened my clip stores in October I have been climbing the ranks every day! I have a following of losers (like you reading this) who come back again and again for more clips, and constant new losers wanting to dip their toes into my world! And what an exciting world it is, full of female domination, and pathetic subs grovelling at my feet begging me to give them what they want:


And I bring it in bucket loads, you only have to look through my clip stores (which you should be right now) to see how many humiliation videos I have. It's what I'm good at, and what I enjoy and its what you get off too, so go buy and be a good boy.

I also do custom clips which many of you have been buying, you can see here what your request should be structured like. Many of you are repeat buyers, coming back for more and more and boy do I love taking your money in return for a verbal lashing. 

I update all my stores daily, including my new IWantClips store, although I still have tons to upload there. 

Life in general is grand, I am currently at University for those of you who don't know and am so close to graduating, and getting that first I've been working so hard for. Then I can focus on this as my full time job, being able to do more customs, maybe cam and phone lines will come into play. Only time will tell.

Christmas was lovely, I received some Christmas tributes and big clip sales which is awesome, although I know you can all do better. It's my birthday on the 30th so you have two days to impress me with tributes and clip orders, get going. 

2015 is a year of change, ones that will better my life and I am incredibly excited. As I said I will be free to do this full time when I graduate, I am also planning a move. Somewhere busy with a huge shopping mall hopefully. Every aspect of my life is about to change and evolve. Exciting, and I know you're all drooling over the fact I'll be able to film more clips to humiliate you.

This first blog post has been a bit of a muddle but I wanted to add something rather than my blogger just sitting here empty. So all there is to say is keep up the good work boys, but try harder. Double your efforts, and double my bank balance in the process. 

Also, don't forget to follow me on twitter and bookmark this blog for future updates.

See Ya!